Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trainers from the MTC and Missionary Department

This week we had three days of training from Br. Beck (Missionary Department) and Br. Jarman (Missionary Training Seminar).  It was wonderful.  It concluded today with a six hour leadership training meeting for our mission leaders.  Everyone really loved it.

                                Here is a photo of Br. Beck, President Durrant and Br. Jarman.

Our assistants got to meet with them during the two days of planning and we all went out to lunch.

                               Elder Jensen, President Durrant, Elder Rice and Elder Westfall.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mission President's Seminar

We went to Arizona for the Mission President's Seminar.  It was fantastic!  We spent three days in classes and went to the Mesa Arizona Temple and the Rockin R Ranch as a group.  It was great to be with our leaders and fun to be back with our MTC friends!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Transfer Meeting and Departing Missionaries

                   After transfer meeting we took a picture of the missionaries in the North Dallas area.

           These are all the missionaries and their new companions that are staying in the Dallas area.

      These missionaries are heading out to east Texas.  Their companions are waiting for them there.
   I really like transfer meetings because they are fun.  The missionaries who are leaving bear their     testimonies, the new trainers give their new companions big hugs, the missionaries are very excited   and we watch a slide show of the baptisms from the last month.  It is really a great meeting.

After the transfer meeting we have a pizza lunch at the church with the departing missionaries and then we do a training for life after the mission.  In the afternoon we go to the temple and then we go to the mission home for departing interviews, dinner and testimony meeting.  This is a picture of the departing missionaries at the mission home.  This is a great group of leaders.  We will miss them in the mission.  We will especially miss our assistant, Elder Facer, who is one of this group.

End of August Activities

Joseph invited him to be baptized and then got to go to his baptism!

President with Elder Facer and Elder Jensen taking the zone leaders out to breakfast.

We got another large group of missionaries this month.  Most of them were Spanish speaking.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

More from the first two months

We got to go to our first baptism as missionaries in Dallas.
There have also been stake conferences, zone leader council, specialized training and zone conferences.

August 16, we had a special transfer two weeks early so these missionaries could get home in time for school.

Our First Weeks in the Mission

The day we were set apart.

The Missionary Training Center.

Elder Facer and Elder Jensen.  These were the Assistants that helped us through the first two months.

We traveled all around the mission doing "get to know you" meetings and interviews.

Family time in the pool.  We came during the hottest summer on record.

Monday, July 18, we got our first group of new missionaries.

July 19 we had our first group of missionaries leave including our office couple, the Williams.